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Spillage cleaning and high value material recovery

In the mining industry, vacuumation is used to recover precious material from spillages around conveyor belts, trenches, shaft bottoms, sumps and ore passes, and feed it back into production. These units are also used for sweeping and vamping, fines recovery (‘madala’ or old and abandoned sites), clearing of settling dams and confined areas. Vacuumation is integrated with tunnel borers, shaft sinking cutters and continuous miners to efficiently transfer material.

Hencon Vacuum Technologies’ solutions are custom designed and robustly built to withstand the harsh conditions of the mining industry.

Aluminium-mine specific solutions

Hencon Vacuum Technologies’ centralised, mobile or combination vacuum systems can recover spilt alumina and discharge it back onto the conveyor belts and back into the process.

Gold-mine specific solutions

Gold that is not on the conveyor belt and in the process is lost profit. Hencon Vacuum Technologies can turn spillages and material not normally considered for collection into profit through the use of its proven vacuum technology. Our equipment is unrivalled for the cleaning of shaft bottoms, haulages, airways, underground settlers and dams, processing plant spillages, transfer point and conveyor belt spillages, mining of high grade pillars to prevent dilution and for the sweeping of stopes before these areas are permanently lost to backfill.

Units are available in both electrical and diesel in sizes from 90kw to 230kw. They can be built on rails for conventional track use, skids for un-tracked areas, trailer mounted for plant use or even built into cassettes used by most of the major trackless mining utility vehicles today.

Using advanced yet robust designs our vacuum systems incorporate the latest high vacuum blower, motor and filter technology to insure a long usable lifespan and consistent performance. They are easy to use and maintain. These units can be operated by a team of only two or three people.

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