Who We Are

Hencon Vacuum Technologies is a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of heavy duty industrial and mining vacuum systems and solutions. We deliver effective and reliable vacuum solutions that are customised for clients’ specific requirements and optimal return on investment (ROI).

Where clients prefer to make use of a monthly service instead of directly purchasing our equipment, we offer a monthly contracting service through our affiliate company, Afriveyor. Afriveyor is a Level 2 BEE-company, in which Empowerment Development Solutions NPC owns a 51% share, and Hencon Vacuum Technologies owns 49%. Joint venture partnerships with local community stakeholders can be entered into where it is a requirement.


In 2009, Hencon, a world-wide supplier of special mobile equipment for aluminium smelters, made Hencon Vacuum Technologies part of its global operations. The company specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of specialised heavy duty industrial vacuum systems for bulk material handling and industrial cleaning applications, drawing on a combined experience of more than 30 years. Between 80 and 90% of our products are locally developed in South Africa, using the latest and most efficient technology and branded components available without compromising on simplicity, reliability and ease of use. This has allowed us to offer our clients systems that meet the stringent requirements of the mining and industrial sectors, backed up by a dedicated support team ensuring unmatched customer service. Hencon Vacuum Technologies adheres to stringent standards in both quality and safety. The health and safety of our employees, customers and anyone involved with the operation of our systems is non-negotiable. We are continuously researching ways to further improve on health and safety.

Being at the leading edge

Hencon Vacuum Technologies believes in being at the leading edge when it comes to the products it offers and has been able to develop vacuum systems using the latest and most efficient technology available without compromising on simplicity, reliability and ease of use. This has allowed Hencon Vacuum Technologies to offer its clients systems that can meet the stringent requirements of operating under the demanding conditions that are present in the mining and industrial segments.

High standards

Between 80% and 90% of the products that it offers are manufactured locally using the latest and highest quality branded components available. Our products have proven their ability and reliability in the field and are backed up by an efficient service and maintenance team.

Hencon Vacuum Technologies applies high standards in both quality and safety. The health and safety of its employees, its customers and anyone who might be involved with the operation of our systems is paramount and Hencon Vacuum technologies is constantly researching ways to improve this further.

Diverse products

Apart from industrial and mining vacuum systems, Hencon Vacuum Technologies also offers diverse products such as vacuum drying systems for the dewatering of gravel during diamond recovery, and other material handling systems.

Material spillages, especially around and under conveyors, are an ongoing issue for many mines and processing plants around the world. Since output is always the priority, conveyor systems are run at the highest possible speeds:

  • Spillages normally occur at conveyor changeovers. Cleaning under conveyors is a prime example of where the solutions Hencon Vacuum Technologies offers can make an impact. We have products that allow zero dust, manual or even fully remote controlled removal of spillages. These products can be used throughout the mining and processing industries.
  • Even material that sticks to the belt once it goes back on the return side, can fall off along the way, forming heaps that can eventually be high enough to start causing damage to both the rollers and the belt itself. This can be addressed with a belt-scraping vacuum in order for the material to be returned to production.
  • Faults in the conveying system and feeding chutes can also cause sudden, unforeseen spillages. Older plants suffer even more from this problem due to their age and often due to lack of proper maintenance. The spillages themselves prevent proper maintenance by making access to the parts that need repair or upkeep, difficult or even impossible. Besides the effect on maintenance, spillage can also have an impact on the environment and may become a health and safety issue.


Vision “Hencon Group”

The Hencon Group sets new standards in the engineering, manufacturing and servicing of reliable, special and custom-made mobile equipment for the aluminium and mining industries. We focus on flexibility, high-quality standards and customer satisfaction.

Mission “Hencon Group”

We design and build innovative products and services to help our partners secure a profit in a safe and sustainable manner.