Rail Vacuum

Cleaning spillages under conveyors and in other hard-to-access areas is a major challenge for mine and process plant cleaning crews, especially when underground.

A rail mounted vacuum unit like the HVT-ESV_RAIL allows the use of existing mine rail infrastructure, including locomotives to move the vacuum unit around the mine.

Once at the required area, the unit can be connected to an HVT mine type gravity discharge collector bin to accumulate the material and discharge it as as needed. These collectors can be mounted above conveyors, allowing the material to be put back onto the conveyor in one step without the need for further handling. This makes the process of cleaning and recovering spillages highly efficient and effective.

Using a vacuum system also minimises the further creation of dust during handling, a common by-product of cleaning spillages conventionally.

PowerElectric400/525/1 000VAC
Supply Frequency50Hz60Hz on request
Motor Power75/90/110kw 
Control System24VDC 
Maximum Airflow Rating3 000/3 300/4 800m³/hour
Maximum Vacuum Pressure-80kpaAt sea level
Suction Hose Diameter100mm (75kw)100mm & 150mm
Rail Track WidthVariousAs required
MassFrom 2 500kgUp to 3 500kg

 Note: This unit works in conjunction with a suit able Hencon VT vacuum collector bin.