HVT 4.0

HVT4.0 is our two-way approach to ensuring future sustainability and competitiveness in the market. This two-way approach does not just focus on engineering value, through the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies, but also customer value through the adoption of a servitisation business model.

We have seen that the market changes and customers are not satisfied to just purchase a machine but require more comprehensive offers. These offers can be additional services with the purchase of a machine, e.g. training, support, maintenance etc. or be as flexible as a subscription-based solution, Machine-As-A-Service. This allows the customer to simply utilise the machine for its output but never being the owner of the machine.

We believe that a full servitisation model can only be achieved through the utilisation of Industry 4.0 technologies through interconnected machines with smart sensors, real-time controls and cloud computing capabilities. The analysis and interpretation of data using simulations and algorithms will provide major benefits to optimise our manufacturing process.

The adoption of these models allows us to offer more value to our customers and show our ethos of building sustainable long-term partnerships.