The specialist in spillage cleaning and high-value material recovery

Thanks to custom designed solutions that take each client’s specific needs and variables into account, Afriveyor can minimise and eliminate the challenges associated with material spillages and high-value recovery and conveying at mines and processing plants.

Since we don’t use conventional equipment or methods, cleaning in sites that are hard to access is not a problem, and we do not have to rely on inefficient or dangerous manual methods.

A good example is cleaning under conveyors, where Afriveyor can expertly help mines and plants deal with material spillages. Using highly trained crews, the latest vacuum technology and cutting-edge methods, Afriveyor will efficiently handle these challenges with impressive results.

Apart from solving spillage challenges, Afriveyor also realises that reliable contractor crews, highly available equipment and accurate data are crucial aspects too. As such, our reporting technologies make measuring the overall effectiveness of the clean-up a breeze.

Finally, material spillage is not the core business of a mine or processing plant, but a distraction. By trusting Afriveyor to take care of this particular burden, you can focus on achieving the results that really matter instead.